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        Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Black

        Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Black
        Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Black Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Black
        Brand: Sollae Systems
        Product Code: G5812AD601535C
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        Availability: 13
        Price: $59.50
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        PHPoC Black (P4S-341) is a wired LAN programmable board embedded with a PHPoC interpreter. It supports various interfaces to connect with sensors and equipment. With PHPoC Black, you can monitor and control your equipment from a remote site via web browser. Also, it is designed to be stackable for you to implement additional functions with PHPoC expansion boards.


        Processor Core  Cortex-M4 168MHz
        Flash  System-512K Bytes, User-512K Bytes
        SRAM  192K Bytes
        Power Input 1  DC 5V(±0.5V)
        Input 2  DC 5V(±0.5V) - USB Device Port
         Typical - about 110mA
         Power Down mode - less than 200uA
              Interface      UART  2 x UART Ports (UART0 ~ 1),
         Baudrate: 1,200bps ~ 46,800bps
        Network  10/100Mbps Ethernet
        USB  USB Host - DM and DP
         USB Device - for PC
        Digital I/O  UIO0: pin #0 ~ #19, #30(LED), #31(LED)
        Analog Input  ADC_CH0 ~ 5, AREF, 12-bit resolution
          Hardware Timer(HT)    HT0 ~ 3, toggle/pulse/pwm output and capture mode
        I2C  SCL, SDA
        Internal Battery  3V
        Firmware  PHPoC Interpreter
        Software  PHPoC Debugger
        Dimension  66.5mm x 63.8mm x 13mm
        Weight  about 29.8g
        Temperature Storage/Operating  -20℃ ~ 60℃
        Environment  RoHS Compliant



        • PHPoC (PHP on Chip) interpreter embedded
        • Uploading and debugging codes via USB
        • 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet (RJ45)
        • 8 x digital input/output port
        • 14 x sharing port (Digital Input/Output, SPI, I2C, UART)
        • 6 x analogue input port
        • HTTP/SSH/Websocket server
        • Web page customization available (accessible with smart devices)


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