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        Blue LED Digital Voltmeter DC 3.2V - 30V
        Description: This digital LED meter measures DC voltage from 3.2-30 volts with 1% accuracy. It cl..
        Bus Pirate
        Description: The Bus Pirate, created by Ian Lesnet and featured on Hack a Day, is a troubleshooti..
        Bus Pirate Cable
        Description: This is an interface cable for the Bus Pirate, designed to connect to its 2x5 I/O he..
        FLUKE Infrared Thermometer - MT4MAX
        This non-contact infrared thermometer makes it a breeze to take quick and accurate surface temper..
        TEMPer1F USB Thermometer
        TEMPer1F thermometer is a measurement device with an USB port. It has an external waterproof temp..
        USB Charger Capacity Tester
        This is a mini size USB tester with OLED display. Can easily measure the USB ( PC USB, cell phone..
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